Best Cooking Classes in Chiang Mai

The Most Delicious Experience Of Your Life!


Learn The Secrets of Thai Food!

Go from average to exceptional with our cooking classes. Learn from the best chefs in Chiang Mai in a fun and friendly environment.

We totally focus on your learning experience and satisfaction, that’s why our chefs won’t hold anything back and will share all of their knowledge with you, so you can prepare the tastiest dishes in no time!

They really are the best cooking classes in Chiang Mai

Everything was perfect from beginning to end. They took us to the market to buy our ingredients, they showed as the whole process and we had a lot of fun. And yes, the food was super delicious!*

Lisa Chaiprasit – Bangkok, Thailand testimonial-3

Everyone loves my Thai dishes now!

I’m so happy I went for these classes, because now everyone, from friends to family, love my Thai dishes. I would recommend to anyone interested in leveling up their cooking skills!*

Michael C. Moore – New York, USA


Tastiest food I've ever tasted in my life (and the best classes too!)

I fell in love with Thai food since I arrived to Chiang Mai a couple of years ago, but just recently I decided to learn how to cook it. I had a lot of fun doing so and the food was delicious, all thanks to the tips and secrets shared by the teachers!*

Maria Celeste Magbanua – Philippines



Learn Thai Cooking from The Best

Receive the ultimate learning experience with top-notch teachers who’ll be at your entire disposal.

One of the most important things to make sure you learn is to put the focus on you, that’s why we put the best teachers in Chaing Mai to teach you all the secrets of Thai food!

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