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A Delicious Experience You Won't Forget!


So Much Fun You’ll Forget You Are In a Class!

Get an immervise and fun experience that will teach you how to cook the most delicious Thai food. Guaranteed!

If you’re looking for fun and interactive cooking classes in Bangkok, then here we’re for you. Forget about boring classes, because you’ll learn from the best chefs in the city who are pretty friendly and ready to teach you everything!

Delicious food, great teachers and a fun time. Would recommend!

I always wanted to learn how to cook Thai food, so I decided to give these classes a try and they were worth every single penny! The food was delicious, the teachers were awesome and now I’m a better cook thanks to them!*

Diana Frandsen – Copenhagen, Denmark


Mouth-watering food and an immervise learning experience

Unlike other classes that are boring to death and where you see the chef do all the work, here you have the opportunity to get involved. The teachers were very friendly and experience, and needless to say the food was out of this world!*

Debby Chua – Singapore


The best cooking classes I've taken in my life!

I’ve taken many cooking classes not only in Bangkok but in other cities of the world too, and I have to say that these have been the best of my life. The food was super tasty and delicious, and the teachers were simply amazing.*

Jacob Müller – Hamburg, Germany



Creativity and Passion

Learn all the secrets to prepare the tastiest Thai dishes. Become a master at using creativity and passion at the hour of cooking.

Your teachers will take care of teaching everything you need to know for preparing superb Thai dishes by combining creativity, passion and secrets that you won’t get anywhere else!

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